TAIWAN,Taiwan Councilors Forum(TCF)




JAPAN, 日本会議地方議員連盟






PHILIPPINES, PHilippine Councilors League (PCL)




INDONESIA, Association of Indonesian Municipal Councils



INDONESIA, Association of Indonesian Regency Governments (APKASI)





INDONESIA, Association of Indonesian Regency People Representatives (ADKASI)





ISRAEL, Union of Local
Authorities in Israel (ULAI)





INDONESIA, Association of Indonesian Municipalities




NEPAL, Association of 
District Development 
Committees of Nepal 




NEPAL, Municipal Association 
of Nepal (MuAN)




PHILIPPINES, League of Municipalities of Philippines





PHILIPPINES, Local Government Development Foundation 



Cities of the Philippines 




CAMBODIA, National League
of Communes/Sangkats
of the Kingdom of Cambodia



PHILIPPINES, Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP)  




INDIA, All India Institute of
Local Self Government




SRI LANKAN, Federation of  Sri Lankan Local Government 
Authorities (FSLGA)




THAILAND, National Municipal League

of  Thailand (MLT)





VIETNAM, Association of 
Cities in Vietnam (ACVN)





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